Side gaskets

Side gaskets

Element of isolating set of modular insulating joints of rails types R50 and R65 Make order

Made from glass-filled polyamide or high pressure polyethylene for technical support of repair precast of isolating joints of rails type R50 and R65 that are designed to isolate electrical circuits rail signaling, centralization and blocking the railway track and turnouts switches.

For rails type R65 are manufactured gaskets PB-65.1.2 (polyamide) and PB-65.2.2 (polyethylene)

For rails type R50 are manufactured gaskets PB-50.1.2 (polyamide) and PB-50.2.2 (polyethylene)

Supplied in the set.




For manufacturing the planks is used glass-filled polyamide or high density polyethylene

The specific volume resistance under normal conditions: for polyamide is at least 1014 Om·cm, for polyethylene is at least 1015 Om·cm

The limiting tension in compression: for polyamide 14 MPa, for polyethylene 9.5 MPa

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