Glue-bolt insulating and high lasting junction

Glue-bolt insulating and high lasting junction

Joints – they are permanent connection of two rail cuts, in the ends the rupture zones of which plates glued together using special insulation and high strength fasteners. High lasting junction are used in jointless railway tracks UIC-60 and P-65.

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Intended to isolate electrical circuits track, signaling devices, centralization and blocking on rail tracks.

Are made by order of two types KIV60 and KIV65.

For rails type of R65 are made joints KIV65-25 (length 25 m) and KIV65-12,5 (length 12,5 m).

For rails type of UIC-60 are made joints KIV60-25 (length 25 m) and KIV60-12,5 (length 12,5 m).

Supplied in sets.



Tightening torque of nuts is at least 1100 N·m  
The value of shift resistance is at least 2500 kN
The electrical resistance of the joint is at least 8 MOm

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